What Choise Co. is built on


It’s your Choise. To make a difference:


Frequent traveler, active within community, enjoy outdoors and most importantly, having good time and sharing thoughts with people.


When pandemic had disrupted our community, it was very difficult to see people having to stay in without human contact, many losing their jobs, essential workers facing danger each moment, when it used to be just a normal day to face people.


That’s when I wanted to make a difference, not by posting negative things on social media, but doing something that can positively impact many people.


So I made a choice, choice to spend what I have to start a business that can give work to some of the people and also helping essential workers by donating a functional mask.


During my initial product design stage, I asked myself “why does mask have to be so offensive looking?” Yes, that was mostly based off surgical mask. But let’s be honest, when this pandemic came at first, we all felt a bit strange seeing them worn in public. That’s when I wanted to shift the design to more fashionable and less offensive to the eye.


That’s when 3D mask design was born, fashionable yet functional.


Using cotton material for outer layers, using polypropylene filter media inside, selecting color in attractive colors.


Our products are made in Colorado, USA. We strive to make positive impact to our community.


Every 5 masks sold, 1 mask will be donated to essential workers and elderly. No, it is not donated to corporations (although that’s nice as well). We will deliver to an actual person who will use it immediately. If donor (5 purchases) and receiver allows, each donation will be shared on our social media according to their privacy request. So that way, we can fill positive and warm news in midst of all the craziness.


We are not a gigantic factory based company, so we can’t offer the cheapest price and we are not in this to make a fortune. But we can promise that with your help, we will get as many donations out to ones who will actually use them right away.


If you are an essential worker and in need of donation, please email us at and will make sure you are placed on the donation list.


I sincerely with you the best and absolute safety.


Thank you,



- Choise Co. -